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So you want to be a DJ? there are some basic Rules that you must be able to follow.

Wired connection! Your computer Must be Hardwired to your modem No Wifi Broadcasting.

You Must have 5000 Songs in your personal Library to start. after you start with the station and complete your first couple shows you will be given access to station FTP.

You Must be willing to Obtain if you don’t already have Sam Broadcaster 2020, you can get it here https://spacial.com/sam-broadcaster-pro/ THe Software is $300.00 but you can finance it for 3 months at 117.00 if you need. (The Station Will Not reimburse you for this purchase it is a cost of being a DJ)

It is suggested that you purchase a Mic arm, mic, and power supply, suggested purchase of https://www.amazon.com/Neewer-Professional-Condenser-Microphone-Suspension/dp/B01D4KYRYC/ref=sr_1_17?dchild=1&keywords=innogear+1229&qid=1602155614&sr=8-17 (again the station will not reimburse you for this purchase cost of being a DJ)

now back to the Rules, Be On time, Be 15 minutes early for your show and ready to jump on with playlist ready. the reason for this is if there is a DJ before you and their show ends a few minutes early you will want to jump on to keep the music going. You will be trained on Handoffs.

This is the Most important Rule in my opinion as owner of the station, When you are on the air, No Drugs, or Alchohol, if you are intoxicated and on the air and I find out your access will be suspended and another dj will take your slot or it will be handed over to the auto dj.

the Second most important rule. Have fun while you DJ. this is a volunteer job, that being said you are expected to be there for shows on time or notify me of reason you cant show or are going to be late as soon as possible.

I know this is TLDR but if you want to be A DJ for Asylum Station Rocks you’ll go back and read.

please C&P and email me @ beelzebram@yahoo.com the following document




Time Zone

Time you want to be on the air. Please note that 8-11p time slots are all taken

What Game you Play and expect to DJ from (we use SWTOR and IMVU Currently but are willing to expand)

How many years have you been DJIng if you have been DJing online.

What Stations have you worked for in the past if any.

What software are you familiar with (We use Sam Broadcaster Pro)

Do you have atleast 5000 songs?

Are you willing to obtain Any and All software needed to broadcast? , (this includes Sam Broadcaster & Mountain Duck.)

Is your computer Hardwired to your modem? No wifi connections allowed for broadcasting.

This is as much a Job as it is a hobby, are you willing to put in the time needed to make the station Great? this includes bringing in new listeners and maintaining status with current listeners.

Last modified on October 8, 2020